Friday, August 29, 2014


Clouds: not the foreign thunderheads that global warming has brought us, but real Oregon clouds, blurs of shifting silver, white, gray. The rumpled covers of winter, who has just opened an eye and checked the clock, before rolling over and getting in that last hour's sleep.

How quickly it all runs away, winter after summer after winter! Feeling I need to set the house of my spirit in order. I have been gone too long, and everything is untidy and askew. This breath of winter is unsettling, disturbing, exciting. I am ready to work.

I have not taken much seriously, in this life: it's so short, and the sides are so steep. But I do want to make a few things while I'm here.

I need to be careful, to guard my tongue and my time. Too much has gotten away from me: I spend too much time chasing my chickens back into their coop.

This strange, translucent convalescence continues. I grow stronger and steadier every day. I spend my time pounding stakes into the ground and marking them with orange blazes, making approximations, waiting for my surveying gear to arrive. I know the ground pretty well, now. Soon I'll be ready to start.

These days, when I come to the top of a rise or turn a corner, and pause to take in the new country, I find that word on my lips. "Soon now," I mutter. "Soon."


rbarenblat said...

This post is beautiful, as are you.

Marly Youmans said...

It's strange how life is all about beginning, beginning, beginning. Just as a new poem or book is about starting from nothing. Perhaps it's a good thing that we must sleep away so much of our time so that we can rise again, all new.

I haven't been by in such a while--the busyness of life has caught me. But I think about you (and also need a massage! XD)

Dale said...

Yes, I used to be impatient with people sometimes who were always turning corners and starting over, instead of settling in to their work. But really it's just what we do, brand new every morning, starting over :-)