Wednesday, October 11, 2023

I Am Rebuked For Silence

I am rebuked for silence, while a carrier group 
worth the assessed value of a midsize nation
sails into the Eastern Med, and fabulous sums are handed over
on my behalf. If you really can't tell: my silence is consent. 

I understand that the game must be played out:
but there are certain roles I do not care to play.

I am rebuked for silence: hear then my words, O Israel!
I love you beyond reason and beyond sense,
and the wheeling track of the stars knows 
the darkest thoughts we've shared. I will not

repudiate my love. And this also is a silence, for which
I also will be blamed. So be it. If the shoe were on the other foot
would a Jew be left alive, between the river and the sea?
I've heard their words. I listen. Silence is good for that.

Do I therefore forgive your sins? I don't. I am not much
in the business anyway, of blaming or forgiving. My
business is grief, which I get on with, day by day.