Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Sea Creatures, Crowding Pinkly

At the end of the sea – where the white curls stiffen,
far away from toast or jam –
are the sea creatures crowding, pinkly.

At the end of the sea, and the end of the sky,
their humid lungs are heaving; the wheeze
and spume of their vasty breath
makes a fume shot with scarlet twinkling.

At the end of the sea, where the drawer of the world
snicks shut, and the water quivers –
there the emotional sea creatures crowd,
and the anxious anemone shivers.

See Niya Christine's story painting, Emotional Sea Creatures.


rbarenblat said...

The last line is surprisingly moving to me.

Niya Christine said...

I'm blown away Dale. Brilliant! I posted here about it... ...

Niya Christine

Zhoen said...

The kind of poem I rather like, very Lewis Carroll. Funny and odd, absurd logic that seems to mean something, and may, or may not. But I shiver along with an eerie delight.

Kristen Burkholder said...

You had me at "pinkly" : ) Thank you Dale

marly youmans said...

Like Zhoen's link with Carroll! And the poem, all "pinkly" and snicking!

Dale said...

Thanks dear friends!

Lucy said...


Or like Edward Lear, like the Jumblies or the Pobble that same colourful melancholy...