Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Driving to the airport.

Useful for understanding the amount of money spent on these things. Not to mention the extent of Rick Perry's humiliation.What the candidates spent per vote in Iowa.

Ronald Searle gone. How can that be?

I'm sick with the flu. Last night it was those strange chills, when you shake and you can feel the cold air moving right through your flesh and stroking your bones; when you feel so close, so close. But tonight it's just the sore throat and the headache in a thick clot behind my eyes. I even feel good enough, for minutes at a time, to be mildly bored. That's a good sign.

No chicken soup in the house though. Bad planning.

Happy 2012!


Bill said...

By the spending chart, Mrs. B is suddenly charming!

Dale said...

Isn't she though?

Zhoen said...

Ginger tea. Poor dear.

Dale said...

I'm getting better. I think I'll go for a little walk!

Lucy said...

Poor sausage. Get better quick.

Anne said...

I do hope that by this time you are feeling quite well again. Walks are good medicine.