Monday, December 26, 2011

Choosing Up

A quiet pause here,
between two struggling worlds:
the mountain hidden behind
coarse-plastered walls of cloud,
the river obscured by fog, even
the freeway muted and cottoned and quiet.
Only the crows break through.
The trees tangle
their fingers in strands of cloud
in vain: they're too weak
to pull down the sky.
We are all at a standoff, and as we listen
to the sough of tires on asphalt
we wonder: when he comes at last,
whose side will the new year take?


Zhoen said...

All the sides.

Dale said...

Oh, shush! :-)

Zhoen said...

Sorry, (hangs head.)

Sabine said...

waiting, bleurgh

ntexas99 said...

as the new year makes his choice, I wish she would keep in mind that this year gone past need not be the template for the year to come ... some of us wouldn't mind at all if she would choose up, after all

Dale said...

from your lips to God's ear, nTex!