Monday, March 28, 2011

A Season is Announced

The rabid stipple of
squirrels painting with their fingernails
the scrabble tiles of last years nuts
the rapid barber pole spin of
water in quivering pipes:
O Spring! Is it left to me
the last of your servants
to announce your coming?

in response to this Morning Porch post


NokoRose said...

Seems like much scrabbling around in this dark this year, this spring.

Dale said...

Yes, you can hear it, like a car that won't start in a pre-dawn driveway, but its engine just won't turn over.

Evan said...

I read your 'About Me' section for the first time and enjoyed it much. And enjoyed the varied resume, including the shout-out to dishwashing.

Dale said...

Hey, thanks Evan! And Elizabeth! How nice to see you both. Like sighting comets :-)