Monday, September 07, 2009

How to Have Stupid Conversations

She said I have stupid conversations all day long
what does it matter? why do we do any of it? what's the point?

and I tried to say that's how we know, that's how we know
that all beings have buddha-nature, because if they didn't

it wouldn't wound us. If we didn't know
there was a buddha there, why would we mind

a few dumb conversations? rocks and trees are dumb
all day long, they have nothing to say for themselves

and we never suffer in consequence. It's because
we know they are doing what they were meant to do

and we stand in relation to them as we ought to stand
(if we are attending.) But as someone speaks, dribbling

anxiety and desire, saying the same thing over
and over and over and over and over and over and

expecting you to believe their words are more than wind,
you know that their soul is crumpling, and so is yours

they are dying in front of your eyes, and dragging you
down with the wreck. That's how you know

that there's something else. You have to learn
to see around the corner, to catch the gleam of light

escaping from their spirit. To learn the knack
of pulling them up short by the heartstrings.

Open a little space. Be something they don't expect.
Say nothing, but let your eyes ask theirs to dance.

It is an old, old joke, the oldest there is, that we
are snared in this misrepresentation,

this travesty of flesh. Just let your eyes widen, and
crinkle at the corners, to show that you get the joke.

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