Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lose Six Inches in a Week!

I lost six inches around the waist last week. What a terrific diet!

Well, strictly speaking it wasn't the diet. And the inches were virtual. After the two rapid inches I lost, I seem to have stalled out at waist measurement between 44" and 45". Which is fine, so far; I'm still on schedule. What's changed is my goal. Remembering that I used to wear levis with a 32" waist, long long ago, I was thinking that I was looking to lose 15" total from the 47" I started with. Which is a lot.

But last week I realized that my 45" waist is now fitting comfortably into my supposedly 38" Levis. Which means that the "waist size" of the jeans and the sizing of my waist are not the same thing at all. If that proportion (45/38) holds, I really have only 7 inches to go. Which makes more sense all round, so to speak. I couldn't really picture where all those fifteen inches were going to come from. So the official goal of my diet has become a waistline of 38", not 32". At any rate, when I get there I'll see what I see. Which should be considerably less than I see now.

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