Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pepek the Assassin

Pepek the Assassin

Even those weird old guys in coffee shops who need haircuts are reading it. Although they first have to wrestle it away from their wives, who protest "but it's interesting, it has a story. It's not like--"

But you don't stay married for thirty years without developing the skill of falling silent at the right time. "--Just let me finish the Pepek part," she finishes meekly.

We both have a weakness for East Europeans, for people who know they're not in control of much and that at some points, for the sake of their family and friends if not themselves, they're going to have to cut and run and let people make up a story to cover for them. West Europeans and Americans learn that once, maybe, in a generation, and write incredulously about it ever after. East Europeans have learned it half a dozen times before puberty.


alembic said...

As an East European (well, in another life time now, it seems), I am intrigued. I'll have to get the book. If only to remember the stories I forgot, now that I have been working on that same old fantasy narrative for so long.

Dale said...

I think you'd love it.

Every day I think
Of Pepek, my uncle, his awkward
Delicate feet leaving shallow holes
In the skin of Time...


trimaksih buat infonya,,
semoga bermanfaat gan,,