Friday, August 12, 2011

Marble Canvas

image from St Mary Magdalen's, Mortlake, London

Clear and cold. This morning Sir Richard Burton
lies on his slab where the light of morning
pours through a marble canvas. His wife lies
on a lower slab, and all around the pink-pearl dawn,
flushed, like milk with a little blood stirred in,
laps in, just as she planned it, just as she pictured it,
when he said “I don’t give a damn. Just
don’t put me in the dark.” He wanted to be
left in the desert or tossed into the sea, he had said:
but seeing the trouble on her Catholic face, he softened.
Anywhere, he said. Doesn’t matter. Just not dark.

in response to this Morning Porch post.


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

You are magnificent!!!

Kathleen said...

Oh, my, I love "milk with a little blood stirred in" as a color for the dawn. What a great tomb!

Dick said...


marly youmans said...

You jumped from tent caterpillars to Burton! I like it... milk-light lapping.