Sunday, August 28, 2011


And again, news of meteorological disaster and suffering in the rest of the country, this time a hurricane hitting New York City and the hill-towns of Massachusetts, while here --

Only this calm, golden summer, that has seemed quaint and autumnal since June, always already nostalgic for itself, never too hot, sweet and gentle, like a carefully painted miniature. We sit out on the deck of an evening and watch the stars come out, the 'w' of Cassiopeia and the bold cross of Cygnus, during the last weeks of living in this house. No pests, no wasps or ants or mosquitoes this year. All is sweet and mellow. The Idylls of Oregon.

And I, I'm squaring up corners and throwing things away, lightening ship, aware of the privilege of these last couple months, fearful of jinxing it.


carolee said...

you, my dear friend, are busted. the "keep outsiders out of oregon" patrol (KOOOOP) finds you in violation of the "it always rains here" code. remember your red-headed friend who used to post sunny pictures of portland? it's been a long while since she's posted such, ahem, "fictions," due to pressures from the KOOOOP.

p.s. i shoulda moved to oregon instead of albany! because i, um, like constant rain. ;)

Zhoen said...

Letting it pass through your hands. Been there so often, knowing next year there will be items I wish I'd kept, but knowing I could not. Know that this is good for the soul, trust that it will backfill, reform, refresh.

Kathleen said...

We are having "sweet and gentle" days here, too, while others are in turmoil of all sorts. I tend to be grateful (rather than guilty), taking in joy when it is offered, and glad of it. Yes, to "this calm, golden summer"!

Love the lightening ship image. Moving is good for that, as is the passage of time....

Deb said...




Anne said...

Some people (I am one) find change very difficult. Even change for the better has its difficulties. You are doing well to take it slowly and keep on noticing the little things. Good luck in your new home.