Friday, November 02, 2012

Erasing our Necessity

After my reading, my partner poet asked me, on-stage, during the question and answer period, why she could not find me in my poems. I said something inadvertently, unthinkingly, which has been reverberating inside myself. And I think it must be true.

I said, "I write so that I will not be needed."

     - Ivy Alvarez

Just so, parenting. Just so, living in general: in some fundamental way, our task is to erase our own necessity.


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Dick said...

This creative function struck me forcibly every time I directed a play that worked. That sense of postpartum redundancy. I'd not considered it in respect of the production of a poem, but if one thinks in terms of releasing rather than composing, it makes perfect sense.

Jayne said...

Wow. True. I am pressing the Like button. ;)