Monday, April 25, 2011

Everything Twice

Rain thrashes tattered blossoms;
sparrow says everything twice.

Water sheets in the parking lot,
lens of a windshield; gutters

rush for the river,
stuttering eagerly;

crow crawls under
a pole switchbox and glares.

Indian plum
gone, serviceberry going --

rain thrashes tattered blossoms,
sparrow says everything twice.

In response to this Morning Porch post.


Jarrett said...

The crow is priceless. Crows always look a little aggrieved, don't they, even on sunny days? Whenever someone perceives themselves as so stressed out that they can't possible connect with the Dharma, I suggest watching birds or small mammals. They're mostly fast-living, high-tension creatures, but they're still in touch with the eternal now.

Dale said...

Crows are possibly the only other species that has a sense of entitlement to rival human beings'. Other creatures may dislike the rain, but they're not affronted by it :-)

Love your suggestion! Yes, I think pace-of-life is actually (to use software jargon) orthogonal to being in the present.

Lucy said...

Sparrows are one-note samba birds!

Peter said...

I like this a lot.