Thursday, April 07, 2011

Easter Egg Heads

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"I'm ashamed to admit I don't even know where this is," said Martha, handing me the quarter.

I had to turn it this way and that to read it. "The Marianas. They're Micronesian Islands," I said absently, omitting to mention that I had had no idea that we had hung on to them after the war, and was in fact startled. We still own Saipan? I stared at obverse picture. There was a bay, and a canoe, and birds, and... "What the hell is that? A buried anchor?"

Martha took it back from me. "No, no, it's a, you know... like an Easter egg head."

"A what?" We both started laughing, and couldn't stop for some time.

But she was right: it's called a latte, no relation to the beverage. A standing pillar with a stone cap on top. Like an Easter Island head. Kind of. No eggs, though.


am said...

(-: Couldn't stop for some time either. Priceless.
Unorganized humor is best. Thanks so much!

Dale said...

:-) Thanks Am! Martha gets off so many good ones (this one happened to be inadvertent: most of them are advertent) that I decided I should collect them and post them, in the "What Martha Said" category.