Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Slow Reeds

Check out Peter's new site, slowreeds. Where you'll find such stuff as:

A friend says he read the book, but that's not the book's story.

I read it myself after he had returned it. The syntax was clear and all the furniture was in place. The verbs were still cocked. One simile confessed to only a faint recollection of my friend.

When I go into a book, I throw myself around. First, I go after the verbs and make an example of them. I drag the pronouns to headquarters and book them. There are only a few of them and they usually talk. I chase the metaphors out of their villages. They look back and see the smoke rising, and they discover what's important in life.

Never try to understand a book. Make it understand you, and you'll get along fine.

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