Friday, April 09, 2004


Today, for some reason, is a day for lists. Here's a nice sappy sentimental one that I'm sure will make Tonio cringe, and possibly unlink me.

Nine Reasons why I love Tonio

Because he pays attention.

Because he loves Lekshe (and numerous other people whom I also love.)

Because his generosity is always overflowing in odd directions. He is the sort of person who is always anonymously taking care of something for someone.

Because he writes extraordinary poetry, while not really even wanting to.

Because he disagrees when every else is busy congratulating each other, and agrees when there's dead silence.

Because he has lived through disaster without cultivating hatred or indifference.

Because he has more than once managed to cause me to both laugh and cry with a single blog post.

Because he's both Texan and Italian.

Because he has gathered blue sea glass on the beach.


I just counted, and before I can begin work each morning, I must use:

1 identification badge
(used to get through the main door and the stairwell door)

2 keys
(one to open the cabinet in which I store my laptop; the other to lock the laptop to my desk.)

4 passwords
(1. laptop power-on password
2. laptop hard-drive password
3. Windows 2000 password
4. Lotus Notes password
-- Also I frequently need a fifth, my corporate intranet password. These passwords are all different, and none may be written down.)

Somehow all this does not succeed in making me feel secure.

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