Thursday, May 08, 2014

Going to the Beach with Jessie

You remember Jessie. Apple Scruffs. The woman with the green coat

I went up to pay my bill at Tom's. Jesse took my check and said, "I dreamed about you last night! About you and Martha."

I made a civil inquiring noise, and she said, "I have this habit of dreaming about work, it's awful, because I'm here all the time, and anyway, I was waiting on you and Martha, and I started to figure out that I was dreaming. So I told you guys: hey, this is actually a dream, so I'm going to the beach instead. And so we all went to the beach together."

"I'm so glad we went to the beach with you!" I said. I took my change, and laid my hand down on the counter as I turned to go. To my surprise, she touched it.

It made a little twist in my heart.


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Zhoen said...

We often touch people more than we imagine. But we never know which ones.

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