Thursday, May 01, 2014

Ancient Wisdom of India

I was being interviewed for my second high tech job. I liked the interviewer a lot, and he seemed to like me. He asked when I would be able to start, if I took the job. Always a question you like to hear! I said I'd need to give my present employer two weeks' notice. I added that I felt a little bad about leaving them: they had put good resources into training me.

My interviewer looked a little worried, in a paternal sort of way. He was one of the first wave of hotshot Indian tech immigrants, the people who drove so much of the first generation of high tech development and innovation. “Listen, Dale,” he said, “that company, any company? If ever it is in their interests” –

He held up his hand as if he was dangling something from his fingers, and then suddenly opened it wide. – “They will drop you like that.”

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Zhoen said...

Oh, wow, no kidding.