Monday, March 11, 2013


So many visitors


to us, unaccustomed to any:
Mr Hatred, Mrs Envy, even
young Overweening Pride.

It's hard to know
how long they will stay, what
they will want for dinner.


Outside, the little birds come.
Martha calls them a mixed flock,

like a racist speaking
of miscegenation. These
things happen.


Easier visitors: but
they rise, paring
peels of air

at a shift of light,
or at the hiss
of distant air brakes.


Nothing undemanding stays.


Sabine said...

They certainly do the rounds, these visitors, travelling fast.
Thank you for this.

Phil Plasma said...

Some visitors extend their stay, others know when it is right to leave, and some leave far too early for our liking.