Thursday, September 25, 2003

Of course, little mind jumps at once to imagining forgoing the written word altogether, cultivating revulsion for it, and begins generating angst about that. But -- apart from the fact that such angst is simply the same attachment turned inside out -- that's simply not the point, any more than forgoing sex and despising it is the point of undoing sexual compulsiveness.

As Sarah wrote in the intro to Creation and Completion: "The tantric approach is to use whatever we have, whatever we do already, as the method." So for instance in taking Sarah as my guru -- I'm well aware that, in a quite real sense, I'm just having a crush on another woman, doing what I've always done. The Theravadan approach would be to avert the mind, cultivate indifference or downright aversion for women -- in fact many Tibetans would do the same thing. But the tantric approach is instead of dismissing the compulsion, to hijack it. All that energy is there already, bound up in knots. It can be used, if you have the skill and strength to untie it and harness it.

But that doesn't mean that you get to keep the attachment. "Costing not less than everything" -- any real path comes to that in the end.

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