Monday, September 29, 2003

In for a penny, in for a pound... here's Sarah's answer to me:

Hi Dale,
Well, it is an interesting issue. I read your entries, since there seemed to be an invitation to do so, and quite enjoyed them myself. One thing for sure: you have to go on writing, and if journaling is the way to do it, then that's that. You have a special talent for it, and I always feel that when there's a gift there's not much choice about using it. Of course there really is a choice, but I think you know what I mean. I understand your relationship with words, and I personally think the power and beauty of expressive language stands as its own value. And in this case in particular, using a journal to reflect your practice, it may serve as a kind of mindfulness practice and an enhancement of self awareness. The real question is the purpose of making it available to others at this point. That might be an interesting aspect to investigate. Maybe try to journal without posting it and see how it feels. What's different about that? I'm not saying necessarily that you should stop posting it, but just to check it out, find out why you do it. There is a general advise from Buddhist masters in the Tibetan tradition that talking about one's practice isn't good, especially talking about one's realization. This is primarily to avoid pride and competitiveness. It's also because any realization tends to disappear as soon as one grasps onto it. So its an interesting thing to think about, to practice with. I don't know if that guideline is even applicable in your case - it's up to you... You're fortunate to have such an available teacher as Lama Michael. Reading your description of his teaching was really inspiring.

All the best, Sarah

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