Sunday, February 28, 2016

What Everything Costs

she said in a sobbing childlike way, "We could live quite well on my own fortune — it is too much — seven hundred a-year — I want so little — no new clothes — and I will learn what everything costs."

these are rich days
full of failure and deceit
the sort of days you learn from and take to heart

illness giving way
to rude health
and fretful hungers that die away with dawn

still the hammer blows
and chips of marble flying
we are not half done yet no matter what the tape

may try to compass
I have flown over
the mountains between us and they would have no end

for a little insect creature
climbing over every fold
it will have to be the airplane and the bus however

will it be false
on that account? we can only hope and labor knowing as we do

what work requires
what attention is
having learned long ago what everything costs

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