Friday, September 25, 2015

Sweetness of the Rain

My feet sank into the wet lawn,
my toes into the mud.
Such a relief:
and my soles drank the water.

I stood there
swayed by the wind but not by wanting,
and the tips of my fingers tickled;
just the budding of leaves,

the slough of flesh, the bones
more slender all the time,
long whips that swished the sky.
and my toes finding their slow way

into softnesses you can't imagine
in your animal hurry. Oh, 
the sweetness of the rain! And the wind
of heaven in my hair.


Jo said...

I love 'swayed by the wind but not by wanting'.

Sabine said...

Oh: the wind of heaven. That gets me.

Dale said...

Kind of a short poem to have the word "wind" twice, but I cranked it a couple different ways and decided they both had to stay :-)

Dee said...

I could live in the first two lines.