Friday, May 08, 2015

Eld Inlet

Belly of canvas over the lurching gunwale
and black sweatshirt curved round breast and head:
you sucked like a hero, three months old,
determined to thrive. The Wolf caught the wind
in its teeth and shook it. Spray rose slow
and suddenly slapped us in the face, but you
were not about to unlatch. You scowled at the weather,
red-browed, and nosed in deeper. The air scoured
us, cloud-white above and foam-white below,
ragged water in greens and grays. No memory
further than this, no landfall or departure:
only your indomitable rooting and the hammer of the waves.


Greg Bell said...

Wow, a nursing poem! Great use of context for tension in the poem. (I wrote something more detailed -- & poetic -- a minute ago, but it got disappeared...)

Dale said...

Hey, thanks, Greg! Sorry about the comment mechanism here, it does seem to disappear things from time to time :-(

Lucy said...

Little aquatic monkey!