Monday, February 16, 2015

Seven of Wands

I drew the Seven of Wands twice, which I could tell disconcerted my reader, though I couldn't tell why. Once with the Tower, and once with the Fool. As far as I could tell, she thought the message was "damn the torpedos!" and it perturbed her.

A pleasing result, since as a rule I am, as Humphrey Cobbler would say, rather inert. Maybe I'm going to turn my personality inside out. Upon discovering a young man siphoning gas from our truck last night, I found myself (vainly) pursuing him, with the clear idea that I was going to cuff him and tell him that I was going to blow his brains out if I ever saw him in the neighborhood again. I do not, of course, possess a gun, and I would not blow out someone's brains for a few gallons of gas, if I did. So it was startling to have the words form so clearly in my mind, and to discover such aggressive intent in myself. The idea that he might blow my brains out -- a much more probable event -- didn't occur to me.

It is Spring, obviously and undeniably Spring, here. I have known days this warm in winter, before, but I know in my bones that this is global warming: there's something in the sequence of this weather that I have never known in my home country. Something has pivoted, irreversibly.


Nina T said...

I don't deny global warming.

Nevertheless, we are having the inverse here: local colding. Arctic weather. Snow. Ice. Frigid blasts of wind.

I have cabin fever. It's enough to make a girl cranky. Curious the wells of interior emotion that show up when we least expect them.

Dale said...

If I understand it right, the freakish snow in your parts is probably also a result of global warming? Global climate destabilization might be a better term for it.

Tom said...

I have found Tarot cards of great benefit in the past, but as a key, an aide memoire perhaps, for meditation only.

Global warming is of course simply that, global. It allows for much local variation whose changes are not that easily predictable. For example, there is the matter of rising sea levels that are being experienced in the Pacific islands, but with little if any effect elsewhere. But then, it seems to me, the Earth's rotation will inevitably make the equatorial circumference increase, particularly as it's mainly water.

Intrigued by your possible experience of the seven of wands. :)