Saturday, January 24, 2015

Three Things

Someone asked me what I treasured, and three answers presented themselves. 

The first was what I call dalliance: making love and lingering, attending and being attended to. 

The second was walking at dawn, under the variable skies, whether beneath a sunrise, or a slow diffusion of uncertain light, or a harsh clear sky. 

And the third was words in beautiful patterns, words that take me to strange countries, words that strip away certainties: words that make intimacy but also disclose enormous, unbridgeable distances.

That's all. The rest rises and falls with the breathing world. I'm easy to please, for the most part. I like people and things. The world is full of agreeable experiences. But mostly, I'm as willing to let them go as I am to greet them.


sarah gilbert , cafemama said...

"dalliance" is such a perfect catchall, and what a thing to treasure, as it is one of the finest luxuries I am afforded, and only present in rare quantities in so many of our lives.

Jarrett said...

Per item 3: This is part of why I remember botanical names. Zingiber zerumbet, for example ...