Friday, October 17, 2014

Friends over Fifty

1) Everything comes back to haunt you. You're never done with anything just because you've turned your back on it. 

2) People talk through their hats all the time. They just make shit up. All the time. 

3) You end up disappointing people anyway. Disappoint them now, for the right reasons, (instead of later, for the wrong ones). 

4) If it's too hard, give up. 

5) Take the time to make it beautiful. 

6) It's all right if people misunderstand you. You misunderstand them too.


Dale said...

Over on Facebook, Kenji Yamada asked:

"Friends over 50! Please tell me things about your life. Anything. Things you've learned, things you expected to learn but didn't, events that stick in your mind.

Feel free to go on at length."

Jarrett said...

As people get older, they become more like they always were. Abandon hopes to become a different person after 50, and figure out how to celebrate the person you've always been.

Dale said...


Sabine said...

Amen to all of your points. The strangest thing about being over 50 has been so far that I forget my age. When asked how old I am I have to revert to maths, year of birth plus x equals present year. And even that is getting harder. Because, seriously, time is moving faster.

Dale said...

It is indeed.

Lucy said...

Yep, that'll do.