Friday, November 15, 2013

Some Were Sprung So Tight

Some were sprung so tight --
do you remember? -- it hurt your finger
to drag the nine or zero clear around.

But all things then were heavier, more real,
less apt to disappear or to transmute
when you moved your eyes away.

In this world now all things
lift to your touch as you reach for them.
All things but the frightened, glimmered flesh
of those reluctant incarnations,

the people on the street:
their faces close like sea anemonies
against the unfamiliar light of day.


Zhoen said...

When I was wound too tightly, yes, I remember. I prefer these looser days, when the length of my skirt is not so important, especially as I wear jeans.

Dale said...


ntexas99 said...

yes, I think I preferred when things were heavier, and sprung a little tighter