Friday, June 01, 2012


Almost an out-of-body experience,
he said gruffly: too masculine
to say it straight, too full of pain
not to say it at all. And strange,
because massage is all about the body;
maybe “out-of-body” meant
out of pain for a minute or two.
There's not much I or anyone can do
when the crustacean claws the innards,
and the sugar-piss bloats the calves.
But I can still sometimes do this:
send them out on the wide sea of stars,
to float on the raft of my hands.


rbarenblat said...

Beautiful, Dale.

Sabine said...

the perfect massage

nt said...


I think you have a typo: "to full of pain"

Dale said...

Thanks! You're right nt, fixed now!

Zhoen said...

Out of the hard body, all soft and squishily of the world again.