Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Opening the World" at St Johns Booksellers

Portlanders: St Johns Booksellers is now carrying Opening the World. Support me and a fabulous local bookstore!

(If you're not in Portland, order it direct from Pindrop.)


am said...

I want to buy a copy through Pindrop but am a little puzzled by the PayPal page that says
jo daniel at sky dot com. Is that the right place to be?

Wow! Your poem on the Pindrop website. Camino de Santiago. Antipodes. The ghost of summer, holding winter in its arms.

Dale said...

Yes, that's right! It's given a couple people pause, but it's on the up & up.

Jayne said...

Oh! Ordering! (And I just received a CD I ordered from Portland.)

Great news, Dale! :)

Beth said...

Mine came quickly via Pindrop, and it's wonderful. But I first saw it when Jean pulled hers out of her bag in London!

Dale said...

:-) One of the unexpected delights of Having a Book has been its world travels. So far I know of it wandering in England, South Africa, Norway, and Japan. I get a childlike pleasure out of that.

Thanks, Am & Jayne & Beth!

alembic said...

I got my copy of the book very fast after I ordered it. But I am reading it slowly, savoring "the opening of the world" in it.