Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lengua de Señas

A seña, then, is not a sign
nor yet quite a signal;
neither quite a gesture
nor a code.

There is more lost
in flattening the tilde
than the breasts of mourning,
or the sehnsucht of heimweh:

it is signed but not sealed
set but not sent;
silent, unseen -- an
unpictured scenery,

an encipherment
of zero.

In response to Luisa Igloria's response to Dave Bonta's Morning Porch for today


Dale said...

lengua de señas (spanish) = sign language
Sehnsucht (german) = longing; Heimweh = homesickness.

Dale said...

Okay, yeah, I did do grad school at Yale in the 80s, and yeah, you're never quite sane about signs after an experience like that.

Deb said...

Gorgeous ess sounds ending in that zee. Oh. And the meaning, too, that I absorbed.

Luisa A. Igloria said...


Light from a perigee moon
floods the breasts of mourning

Across town, roofs pitch like a sea
of angled tildes, unmooring

What the Norfolk island pines hold
in their arms: not zero, nor nothing--

My upstairs window is often shaded: not
quite shut, not gaping wide with longing

On each side of the spine, fingers work
their deft queries, closing and opening

03 19 2011

David said...

Two lovely poems - thanks Dale and Luisa!

Dale said...

Just leave some straw on the floor and it's spun into gold in the morning :-)

Luisa A. Igloria said...

How much straw can I give you at one time, Dale? :)

Dale said...

Hah. I know your name, Rumpelstiltskin!