Friday, June 04, 2010

What They Said

It's a sorry excuse, one said, but I can't stop my heart from opening
and I can't keep my legs from opening and that's just how it is.
And one said the morning light is so bright white on the wall that I can't see
what I was building in the night, a white thread from a black,
good work from bad, but I just keep building with each little death
like coral. We must build and we must fuck and I hope we aren't
breaking the world to bits because it is a fragile place but
we come from it and we return to it
and we come in it and come out of it.
And one wondered why the serpent wanted Eve to eat,
and decided that the smooth globe was too much for him
he needed someone to bite through the peel so his little mouth
could nibble at the flesh. And one said the sky opens too wide
like a broken backed book, so much sky that your heart arches
to try to hold it all and it's a sorry excuse but
love is like that, don't you think?

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