Saturday, May 17, 2008

Come, Seeling Night

I hate it when some imp puts an invisible megaphone to my mouth, and everything I say comes out strident and bullyingly positive.

Time to back oars and wait a bit, drift a bit.

The heat of the day has broken, and cool air is coming into the house. Evening.

I close my eyes, pretend to be dozing, and recite my refuge prayers to myself. Do a three-breath meditation. On the East Coast night fell long ago; midnight now. In Europe it's early morning; still dark. Dawn I suppose in Russia. (Do I know anyone in Russia? Not any more, I think.) Soen Joon in Korea is probably in the thick of her studies: it's the middle of the day there.

Quiet, quiet. Let the night come here. Just here, just now.

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