Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Look, you guys. I'm trying to get rid of stuff, right? Trying to pare things down. Including my blogroll. But I've discovered so many incredible blogs lately, that despite my best efforts, the damn thing is growing rather than shrinking. And my criteria are very strict now. It's not just blogs that I think are great -- those are all over the place now. It's blogs that I can't bear the idea of not visiting again.

So anyway. New additions to the blogroll. If you do the poetry prompt thing, readwrite poem or totally optional prompt, you'll probably already know a couple of these:

Florescence. Jo Hemmant's new digs. Okay, so apparently I have a thing about British ex-journalists. Sue me. Beautiful, disturbing stuff, rooted in the complexity of family life, spinning out in all directions.

Polka Dot Witch. You'll need to get the password to read the poetry. Do it. Terrific stuff.

Old Girl of the North Country. Just take a look at it, at the black and white drawings she's been doing lately. Criminy.

Scorpoiess. Now this one, I'll wager, you've never seen. I was randomly wandering through Portland blogs and hit this. Rough edges and infelicities, sure -- but God, such flashes of poetry. My favorite so far is "Octopus", which for my money knocks Tennyson's "Kraken" right out of the ring.

It is with huge difficulty that I kept it down to just these four. I rather think there's more to come. There is just so much good stuff being done.

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