Monday, October 01, 2007

And Goodbye to All That

At karaoke that night Malin sang "Oh Darling." The Beatles, you know. With her long hair hanging down in her face. (Darling is a British word. It means "dear." Just so you know.) And Jen's brother came, massive and blunt, with a broad grin, a working-class kid from nowhere, and he sang "Boy named Sue," with startling confidence and panache. Tele and I sat there, slumped, leaning on each other's shoulders, And I felt I had arrived at a country I had only ever heard about. And I was wise enough to let it be.

Now it all recedes, and a new thing surfaces in the dark, water running off its gleaming sides.

Oh darling
Please believe me.

It faded into daylight, and the smell of oil on the hands; all gone, gone.

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