Monday, June 05, 2006


Destroys a man

Twice: once
In the wanting,

Then again
In the not letting go.

-- Ben Zen

So. This morning's idle tears done with, I walked a bit in Montreal, singing softly, as I have a habit of doing, when I walk.

I will buy you a garden
Where your flowers can bloom
I will buy you a new car
Perfect shiny and new
I will buy you that big house
Way up in the West Hills

And now I'm sitting by the pond in Parc Lafontaine. Today will be a day of meditation and prayer -- badly needed -- and tomorrow very early I fly back to Oregon.

But first I will have breakfast with Beth, Dave, Tom (the front man for Ben Zen), and the Sylph. This is a beautiful city, and I will miss it. But I'm ready to be home.

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