Thursday, September 01, 2005

In which I swear and don't post about the Hurricane

Why would I speak about that, adding to the blare of meaningless noise? It's the trumpeting of a media beast, nothing more, and nothing less. I will not try to make words and thoughts about it.

And especially I will not take a hand in the meticulous allocation of blame. I don't give a flying fuck whose fault it is. Once again the vast machinery lurches into motion, millions of people shrieking and pointing their fingers, dancing with rage. The people of the world show a remarkable unanimity, about the cause of this disaster. Everyone agrees that it turns out to be the fault of the very same people whom they already held responsible for the evil of the world! Astonishing! Who could ever have guessed!

I refuse to care more about this suffering because it is a spectacle, than I care about the daily quiet worldwide agony of those sickening, starving, and being threatened and beaten without benefit of television camera. This is a drop in the bucket. Turn off your fucking television and tend to your own sick and homeless. You've got plenty of them.

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