Thursday, August 11, 2005

In which I Fascinate Denver

Sitemeter has expanded the information they give about visits from the US. Now they give a city and a state. This is very entertaining, although I imagine that the location is just the place where the visitor's ISP lets go of their traffic -- not necessarily anyplace very close to where they were when they sent it. Still, it's a clue, and an intriguing one.

One visitor began to fascinate me. Referrer blocked, but the visits were coming from Denver. I knew someone who read my blog, I thought, in Denver. But no, he showed up, & I recognized his referring URL. This had to be someone new.

But this new visitor behaved oddly. He racked up a dozen page views in no time, but he almost never seemed to go to the archives. So what was he doing? Refreshing to see if his comments got responses?

And today, here he was again, my greatest fan, apparently. Somebody in Denver loved me. Upwards of twenty hits. And he'd stay there all day. Who was this person? Would he comment, eventually? Propose marriage, maybe? Offer me a book contract?

You've figured it out by now, right? Yeah. I just verified it by experiment. Apparently when I'm surfing from work, all my traffic goes out from -- Denver. That's who was so fascinated by me.

There must be a word of Germanic origin for this. Chagrin is far too mild.

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