Thursday, July 21, 2005

In Which I Hit You Up for Money

$1.2 million down, $800,000 to go. We've got a matching gift for $400,000, so every dollar you give counts for two. And we're finally set up to take donations online. And, as a special inducement, you can see pictures of Martha clearing barbed wire (she loathes this picture) and Tori planting trees on the retreat land.

I believe there's no place you could spend your money more wisely to prevent America from further despoiling the environment and lurching into more wars. It's the beginning of a very long term solution, and I'm the first to admit it's a longshot, but it's where I'm placing my bets.

May all things done to benefit sentient beings accomplish the intended end.

May the authentic teachings of this and all genuine spiritual traditions continue to manifest in suitable ways for every single sentient being.

May this world be so filled with the wisdom of accomplished beings in all traditions that even the memory of suffering and negative influences is forgotten.

May we never forget the generosity and kindness of our teachers in this very life, without whom we might have never imagined an alternative to suffering.

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