Friday, June 24, 2005

Shy Girls

Sometimes you have to be quick to get ahead of the preconceptions and the expectations and the apprehensions, quick quick quick to reach past the settling coat, catch hold of that hand (lifted for a brief wave goodbye), and kiss that shy girl before she slips away from the party. It's the shy girls who know how to kiss, though.

First thought, best thought.

The rattle of casual drumsticks, the purr of the cat, the lapping of the morning sun against the porch. I'm sorry for all the things I've left undone, in this ramshackle life, but it will have to do.

A time to cast away stones.

When King Canute waded back to shore, did he change his pants? They must have been soaked.

A time to gather stones together.

I will spend today carefully gathering, but my thoughts will be with you. Vacation tomorrow.

The third, whom I love more the more of blame
Is heaped upon her, maiden most unmeek,
I knew to be my demon poesie.

Silly boy. But what are any of us doing, but trying to lift a hand off the page?

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